So I've got a server 2003 blade that shut itself down last weekend. Cleaned out the sensors on it and threw it back in and it runs no problem. Wasn't too bad, so I'd suspect that the sensor for the chassis modules was dirty and detected a heat issue on the blade.

Problem here is that a chkdsk pulls up errors on my C, but autochk is cancelling itself during the boot sequence. Monitoring it from my bladecenter console I can see it detect the drive type, then immediately issue a cancel which is obviously not what I need.

When searching for this problem seems to find the *opposite* problem which is where people can't seem to get the dirty flags off of their hdd's. My problem is I want the dirty flag to apply, and force the chkdsk. Chatting with our primary patcher here, he indicated that in the past he has seen this problem, but couldn't tell me exactly the fix for it indicating it would take a few reghacks to make it go.

Anyone see this before and know where I can go to find a fix for it? Alternatively, I may just boot recovery and force a chkdsk through the cli there, but I'd prefer not to do that since I'll have to drag an install media through my workstation CD-ROM which is uber slow :/