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Thread: All-In-One PCs

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    All-In-One PCs

    I'm thinking of buying an Acer or Asus All-In-One PC.

    I'm also thinking about future upgrading. I know that the memory in All-In-One PCs is easily upgradable but I am thinking about the Hard Drive and disc drives in case of failure.

    Can anyone please tell me if these drives are easily changed?

    All help much appreciated

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    Hi chartwise,

    All-in-one PC's tend to restrict access to components and aren't really the choice for people who like to upgrade their systems.

    You can't change your screensize, its compacted and hard to work in and can be very tricky to make changes if you decide to go down that path.

    If you are a tinkerer and like to upgrade as required (GPU, CPU, RAM, Mobo) i would recommend going desktop and focusing your efforts on cable management so its all hidden away nicely.

    It comes down to personal preference and what you are trying to achieve.


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