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    Question Backup solution for 4 computers


    I need some backup solution that can work smoothly across the network, between four different computers.
    • It would nicer to have 'versions' or dated archived of a file rather than just 'one' backup version.
    • Incremental/delta backups are more preferable
    • Backups are on every machine so there are four copies of my backed up files.
    • It needs to work over network

    I've looked at the following but haven't actually tried them for my problem.
    • DeltaCopy (rynsc for Windows) looks good but I'm not sure how it could work between four computers rather than just two.
    • BuddyBackup it crashed on Vista

    How does everybody else solve this problem?
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    You can create your very own backup environment using robocopy. It is a command line program(included w/ windows servers) that you can get for free. It has so many options that you can make it do just about anything.
    For my solution, I looked through many different backup utilities but none ever had everything. Now, I wrote a simple(less than 20 lines) bacth job to run robocopy on the folders I want every day.
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