Hello, everyone.

I've got two issues that I need some help with. I've never used Solr, before.

(These are both posted on the Adobe forum, but no one has responded.)

I noticed one odd thing about Solr: it's not grabbing everything. Oh, it's getting all the documents (PDFs) indexed, but it's not grabbing everything from every document. When you run a CFDUMP on the CFSEARCH results, a lot of stuff is missing (context, summary, sometimes title). If you look at a PDF that doesn't have context in the Solr collection, the PDF does have context in the file, itself.
Can anyone explain why this is happening, or (more importantly) provide a solution?

Also, using the Solr collection, when I type the word "searching" as a keyword, it brings back over 30 documents (out of over 500). MOST of them will contain at least one instance of the word "searching". Several, however, do not contain the word "searching" in the text or in the meta-data or in the filename.

Regarding the second issue, I did find another post where someone included a link to a Raymond Camden blog that contained instructions on how to increase the <maxFieldLength> in the solr config file. This has not made a difference.