The company I work for uses a proprietary web-based administrative and reports database software. Last summer, it was my job to fix some bugs, and add some features for a new version.

Currently, the most recent version of the software is running on a desktop PCs using ColdFusion 7 and Red Hat ES4.

Recently my company purchased a new server on which we want to install the proprietary software using ColdFuson 8.1 and Red Hat ES5.

When the software runs on the current CF7/RH ES4 machine, everything runs fine with no errors, but when it is run on the new server with CF8.1 and RH ES5, an error continually appears within the cfserver.log file.

The error is:

- internal error: expected to get a state from key [//]

The number associated with.'mxml.cfswf' varies. I have run a tail on the cfserver.log file while logging into the server and the messages are logged even when there is no indication to the site user of an issue.
This error also seems to be affecting some of the user ID variables, as navigation throughout the software continually prompts the user to re-enter their username and password.

I have looked all over the internet for some kind of insight on this issue, but have had no success.
Any assistance on this issue would be very much appreciated.