I finally got everything set up on my local machine, so that I can use coldfusion and spry objects, and ftp them to my hosted account, but now I'm just plain confused.

I want to use sprys features to validate all the information people put in (AJAX), and then have that information (when submitted with a submit button) be stored in a mysql database. I'm using dreamweaver cs4 and just seem to be running in circles...I'm just running through loads of trial and error right now, but I might be on the verge of understanding.

My main concern is that when I add a spry anything, be it text field, radio button, password field, etc... it shows all the error states once the page loads:Ex
E-mail [ ] Invalid this.Invalid that.ETC.
They aren't in red, and it's supposed to prompt on Blur (not load, seems to defeat the whole purpose), anyway, any help would be nice...