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    Which is the best language to learn for Back-End Development?

    I would like to start a career as a full stack developer and I do not know what language should I use for back-end.
    My top goal is to be able to create web platforms by myself for small to medium businesses such as Restaurants, Hotels, Super Markets etc.
    where they will need to have a server where the can pull data such as stock item availability, customer recommendations according what they like, store partnerships in short Data Relationships.
    but I want the platforms to work on a web-page, mobile phones & tablets (cross platform compatibility) (Javascript Frameworks will help me with that)

    I know what I ask I huge and will require tons of reading, building stuff , failing and whatever else.
    I have already some experience in the following coding languages (whether they are not development languages): C, C++, php, HTML, python, javascript

    I understand top platforms such as Facebook, WordPress, Drupal etc might have been written in php but I have heard from many that php has been hit to a wall, Python is evolving fast, C# is aggressively advertised and is evolving too.
    also I understand that Android has Java and now adapts to kotlin

    Should I study php or python or C#?

    My top goal is to become a full fledged stack developer.
    What do you suggest?

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    I’ve included lesser-known languages which gained rapid popularity in the past few years and are expected to be in very high demand for 2018.
    Now, choose the language which one is most interested for you. And keep practicing and updated with latest changes.

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    There are none. All languages have been created for a specific purpose and many support other purposes than just backend development.

    In general, when you're working on backend development, you'll often have to deal with databases and the database behind your project will limit the languages you can use. The database requirements will force you to pick a specific language. Especially when you need to develop real fast while connecting to a huge database with lots of tables and lots of records.

    The .NET environment with the Entity Framework on SQL Server does have a lot of advantages. Since .NET 4.0 you can use LINQ with the Entity Framework as if the data is already in-memory. It allows you to dynamically create queries without knowing anything about SQL.

    Java can also be a good alternative, but again using databases become a bit challenging.

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