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Thread: What is UX/UI

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    What is UX/UI

    I keep seeing UX/UI. If someone knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript does this make them a UI developer? Would someone that also knows PHP and Java be a UX developer?
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    Ux designers are about the feel or user interface UI. There has been a big increase in these types of designers but many of them simply photoshop graphic designers who slab together a look. It is then up to a ux designer to use css , html , JavaScript whatever programming language he is assigned or limited to to transform this Photoshop ( can be any image really its just a map ) into a working functioning user interface aka website. So yes Php developers and java could be considered ux developers too if thats what they use the languages for.

    However php is a very back-end orientated language and calls upon html and css to achieve the look and feel to a lesser extent java does the same.

    In a nutshell most languages that are that can design a front end will end up calling upon html and css most of the time. Its not black and white but thats my view on it.


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