How's it going everyone my name is Daniel.

I'll start by saying I'm 26 and just finally decided to pursue my dream of working with computers! I will be attending my local tech college in the Fall with my degree track being Associates in Applied Science - Computer Information and Technology - Programming. Once I earn my degree I may choose to attend my local university to pursue a BA in Computer Science but that will be a way down the road!

Along the way I plan to get as many certificates as I can while learning software development and hopefully boost my skills for the job market!

I was just wondering if anyone had tips to get started, I have ALWAYS loved and had computers growing up. Because of this I have become pretty adept with troubleshooting and navigation or software/hardware as well as minor web development and basic languages (HTML and some CSS). I have completed a few courses on Code Academy and plan to continue to do so!

What I am really asking is what do you guys think will benefit me the most to learn before attending school for programming?

Any advice or info is appreciated and thank you in advance for taking the time!