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    What do I charge for freelance web developing

    I am a very experienced web developer. I run a web section of a software company and I have been doing freelance for years now, but there are still times I have no idea what to charge.

    Is there books/pdfs anything online that can help me with this issue. I build a lot of custom CMS and advanced sites, but also do some wordpress and other simpler sites. Many times people ask me right out the gate how much (as anyone in he field knows) and I am at a loss for words a lot.

    Is there something like a general guide to pricing your websites? It would also be handy for those who ask for a 5,000+ website and are asking why someone on craigslist is offering to do it for 400 so I can show them this is the price and that guy probably doesn't know what the hell he is doing.


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    You would have to look around your region of the world and the average prices of web developers there. If you are well versed with front-end development and with back-end development (as I read from your vague description) and you are living in North America or Western to Central Europe you can probably charge around 45–70€ ($55–85) per hour for your work (you can charge as much in any part of the world but that would probably be significantly higher than others would charge in the same area; so, if a client looks for people specifically in a certain area this might be a disadvantage). Me, as mostly front-end developer, I’m currently charging 40€ per hour, and I’m usually calculating the total price based on an assumption of the time required (in hours) times my hourly rate. So, if I think a task will take ten hours it will cost 400€.


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