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    Looking into a career change to embedded systems.

    I've been in web development for a few years now and have been interested in embedded systems for even longer. My two biggest hobbies have always been programming and electronics, and I would like my field of occupation to reflect that. Having never worked in that field, I don't really know what to expect. As such, I have several questions.

    The biggest question I have is, what kind of education / skill set do you need for this field?

    What do you feel is important to know before working in this field?

    What languages can I expect to be working with? I assume mainly C and various forms of BASIC, with assembly for legacy stuff.

    What field subsets are there? I am familiar with the automotive and mobile areas.

    Are you primarily writing code for micro controllers?

    How much do you actually work with electronics? I would assume very little.

    What kind of pay can you realistically expect from this field?

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    As far as i knew, i think it is more than enough if you have well versed knowledge in embedded C language which is the one and only utmost qualification needed to work in the embedded field other than this if you have some basic knowledge in the field of electronics means then you are perfectly fit for the embedded field jobs.


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