My major is Information Technology, and I am quite interested in doing software engineering as a career, though. I understand that Information Technology is a pretty wide area in regards to computing and the differences between Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering. My question, however, relates to whether or not one with a BS in Information Technology would have a good shot at getting a job as a Software Engineer. I wouldn't want to finish my work after 4-5 years of study and not be able to get a job as a Software Engineer.

If not, would minoring in Computer Science or Software Engineering improve my chances of getting a job as a Software Engineer? Do employers look more at the degree (or at least having received one), or the skill sets that you can bring to the table? What can I do without changing my major to computer science or software engineering?

Languages: Java, C/C++, Objective C, PHP
Web Frameworks: Javascript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, DHTML/XML
Databases: MySQL, Oracle
Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Mac OSX