So I'm 36, and I'm tired of having ideas and having to pay for a programmer to try and implement them, only to find out the programmer doesn't really get it or understands what needs to be done. 36, I'm going to start learning to code. I'm not the quickest one to learn, so this will really be a challenge from me. Heck, I never had color TV (yeah, 3rd world country) until the 90's. This is gonna be a challenge.

I'll be focusing on learning programming to work exclusively with db sites, and creating work platforms as a primary business tools for business's. I could care less about a static website. I had to teach myself Adobe illustrator/photoshop about 10 years ago, but then work changed and I haven't touched it. Back then, I had to use Dreamweaver to upload images and maintain a site.

A few questions for this NB.
What software do you all use for programming and uploading changes? (I use PC for work, so would like to stick to PC)

For db driven solutions, do you prefer PHP or ASP.NET? and why?

Hope you guys don't mind me asking for help now and then.