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    Own Professional Website: Life Bio / Details or Not?

    So I am an aspiring web developer currently in the market for a job and I am putting together a WordPress site essentially as a homepage for my "professional services". I already have a portfolio (including slideshow), blog, and resume page but I also wanted to add a "Bio" page.

    I have written by bio but am curious as to how much information I should reveal since potential employers will be my main visitors while I'm searching for a job (I will include the URL to this site on my resume / cover letter). I want to add some personal touches and maybe some photos of me from my young life but am not completely sure whether these things will help or hurt me while looking for a job.

    Obviously I'm not going to include college photos of me partying, etc but what about a childhood photo of me playing on the beach or something similar. Just by identifying my age and gender from the bio page will I be hurting my chances of getting hired? Or will the bio help humanize me?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    The only thing I could foresee being a downfall of posting your age, would be so pespective clients may shy away from you for the mere misconception that you don't have the experience because you're younger.

    Although this day and age kids can out perform some adults on the computer.

    As far as extra stuff to put in the bio, treat it like a remume. Add some hobbies, interests, etc. Unless your only hobby is getting drunk and smoking dope, lol.

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    If it's a website where you intend to offer professional services, keep it professional. Your bio info on your about page should be short, to the point and shouldn't be too personal.

    Think of it this way. When you go to a web hosting company website for professional services, do you want to look at childhood photos of the person who will be selling those services to you? Probably not.

    Maybe what you could do is add in a 1 liner in your brief about/bio page simply to mention that you're open to considering other opportunities and if the person viewing is interested in viewing your resume they should send an email.

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