I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out and I guess you could say "take me under your wing".

I love programming, the problem solving aspect, how you can create a full blown money making website from nothing but your knowledge.

I have many ideas for new websites, and have paid programmers in the past to make these ideas, some which generate over $1/day, and have massive potential with the right improvements.

So, I'm hoping to find a PHP programmer who would be willing to take me under his/her wing and help me learn more. I am a fast learner but with websites and books it's much harder. I couldn't offer much, but I could help you on your projects if I had enough knowledge to do so, and I would be willing to pay you 20% of everything I earn from misc. small jobs while you're training me.

Current knowledge:
HTML - 95%
CSS - 60%
PHP - 5%
SQL - 5%
Java - 1%
cPanel - 100% (Can transfer websites, databases, and fix almost all errors associated with this. Can use FTP, mailers, cron jobs, etc.)

I would really appreciate the help, and you will see quickly I have a desire to learn and help.