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    How do you handle Hosting/Domain costs/issues with client

    I have been coding websites freelance for people and usually before I start designing, they have the domain name and hosting already purchased and I use an FTP client I have on my PC to upload their content. Is this how you guys handle hosting/domain issues with the client?

    Or do they give you access to their actual account (ex: username/password to godaddy, namecheap, etc. acct.) to upload files?


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    I've found people are sometimes very liberal with their passwords and so forth. I'd prefer to use SCP and have a new login created for my use when uploading if possible.

    If something goes wrong with the web site near the time you were given full credentials to the site you might have a hard time showing that you didn't do anything to cause the issue.

    Obviously, be sure to back up anything you touch before you start.


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