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    Basics of owning a website

    Hi guys, newbie here.

    A partner and I have a business model for a venture but lack the internet and coding knowledge to implement it. I'm embarrassed to say I need y'all to start with the basics...

    1) I've been redirected from GoDaddy to somewhere I can buy a domain for under a $100. Seems cheap to me, but is that what they cost?

    2) To OWN our own domain is there any hardware we need to buy to run it? Servers, etc.? If so, how would the server expense scale with the number of site viewers/content of the site? Would data intensive media require significantly more space?

    3) What kind of person should we be looking for to design and construct the interface of the site?

    And because we are looking for someone do implement these things, feel free to PM me with some credentials.


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    1. You can get a domain name for $10 to $10,000,000. It all depends on the market value. sfkjhlsdkjghdlkfjg.com is probably available for $10, whereas sex.com was probably a pricey domain. You do need to pay an ongoing ~$10/year to continue to have the domain, so technically you're renting the domain more than owning it.

    2. Typically you might start out using someone else's servers (GoDaddy, etc) rather than getting your own. Yes, as you get more users and have more media, you will need more server power and internet bandwidth.

    3. A web designer and a web developer.



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