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    Learning About Contracting?

    Although I have learned how to code some languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript) I am starting to realize that it might make more sense for me to contract coders to do the more complicated work / coding. My background in coding will certainly make that easier but in general is there a good guide out there to give me an idea of how contracting for building a website is usually done? Do people usually just use Craigslist or what?

    I would love a book if there is one out there. I got more than enough time to read books during my daily carpool to work. If there's a website that goes over this sort of stuff I'd love to know. I don't want to be making rookie mistakes when I'm hiring someone to do some work on my site, and I also would like to make sure I'm not overpaying (at least not too much). Also finding out how to do requests for bids / quotes would be nice.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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