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    Designer Interview

    I am having an experience of 3 years of photoshop and 1.5 years of xhtml/css/js/jquery etc. Any tips regarding interview related to a Jr. Web Designer and salary expectations ?

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    Show your work until now. This will be the selling point of you. Also this will establish the salary you are going to get.
    Also be ready to make some custom work on spot. Like make a logo ... modify something ... these only to test your abilities and knowledge of the software you are going to work with.
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    I’d like to give you important pointers to help you on your next job interview.


    Before you even go to your interview, you have to be prepared. This is so important yet so many people neglect to prepare for their job interview. Someone once said,

    "There will always be a prepared place for a prepared person."

    Let me give you some tips on what to prepare.

    Prepare your portfolio.
    Here are examples of some great online portfolios:
    (links removed, possible link spam)

    Prepare your appearance.
    This is another important aspect that a lot of people tend to neglect. I’ve been in interviews before and while waiting in the lobby, I’ve seen the other job candidates and it’s a shame that some of them come with jeans and a t-shirt. Unless you get specific instructions not to get dressed up, I suggest that you look as presentable as possible

    Prepare your résumé and supplies.

    The day before, look through your résumé, update it and tailor it towards the job you are applying for. Print out a few copies and put it in a nice folder or envelope that you can bring with you to the interview.

    Prepare by doing research about the company.

    If the company that you are applying for has a website, go ahead and browse through it and learn more about the company.

    During the interview, be as polite as possible. Don’t be rude and obnoxious. They might ask you about your past jobs and experiences. If you had a bad experience, don’t bash your old boss or your old company.

    Pay Attention

    Lots of topics will be covered and discussed during the interview. Processes, rules, regulations and policies will be talked about during the interview. Make sure that you pay attention so the interview won’t have to repeat themselves.

    Usually, the interviewer will ask you, "Why should we hire you for this job? What sets you apart from everyone else?" Be ready for questions like these and be genuine in your answers. If you are really good at a certain area, maybe XHTML/CSS or typography, then focus on that. Let them know how you can benefit their company and what you can do to help them. Don’t be shy.

    Everyone at these interviews are showing their best and so should you.

    I’m not saying that you lie and tell them that you are the greatest, but give them some legitimate reasons why they should hire you.
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