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    I need advise on mathematical problems solver website


    1. I desire to develop a website that solves a variety of scientific mathematical problems that usually take 5-10 minutes to solve by hand. I have no knowledge of programming and little knowledge of site building, but I am willing to learn and I believe I am a fast learner. I desire to make a simple website.

    2. Also, how long do you think it will take to self teach myself and build the website?

    Thank you

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    Uh, wow. Unless you've got a powerful program running on the server, like Maxima for Linux (or whatever it's called - I forget), this is not going to be easy.

    Just giving the user the ability to write math on the webpage could be tricky. There are JavaScript libraries that can help... I've been thinking about this sort of problem for a long time, and I don't see how anyone short of a paid professional could do something like this. If this is an spare-time project, it could be months or years.

    There's a reason why Wolfram's so darned good at it: they spent a lot of money on it.

    FWIW, I've been interested in building tools that can act as an editor, but won't do the actual solving for you. I've been stuck on infrastructure for a more general class of editing problems for years, though. I'm not kidding: this isn't something you can hack together in a weekend.

    It might help if you tried to list out the various tasks you need to accomplish just to get a working prototype.
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