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    Freelance Telecommuting

    So I think I would like to be a freelance programmer to earn some extra money.

    I have no programming experience but I'm a consultant/accountant and I know a lot about accounting systems and typically work well with IT departments in companies.

    I started learning BASIC just to see if the mindset catches on and it seems to be taking well in my brain.

    I would like to get a computer programming job with the following priorities-
    1) Part-time
    2) Freelance
    3) Telecommute but with occasional site visit (I live in Chicago)
    4) Use my accounting background

    I get paid well right now so going full time programming is not an option. My current job does have flexibility in the sense that I could meet with people/co-workers on a weekly basis for no more than 3 hours during the work week.

    My ideal gig is a part-time, telecommuting job as a computer programmer doing accounting type of programming with an occasional site visit and weekly interface with my boss.

    So I did a lot of research on this site and others but would like to get more input:

    1) Where do I go to get some experience? I saw a good suggestion on volunteering with mozilla.org. Any other suggestions?
    2) What languages should I learn? I figure I could learn 3 languages within 12 months if I apply myself with the same intensity as when I learned BASIC. My goal is 4-5 within 24 months. Obviously this leads into...
    3) Where's the job market for freelance work? Web development seems to be booming. I would like to combine my accounting background which is usually a non-web system, but not sure how much of that type of work is around for freelance and telecommuting.
    4) How do you find these jobs? what websites, groups, recruiters etc...
    5) Any good books or websites to learn about programming career paths/development.

    Thanks all!!!!

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    Doing freelance and part time work is a great start to test the waters. It gives some freedom and an open choice like you can go right ahead making it a full time job or continue to find it comfortable just the way its is. Continually learning new things help keep a healthy and alert mind.
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