whilst developing the shopping section of http://nxthub.com I've created a sophisticated script fetching and updating product data via the Amazon Product Advertising API.

The script figures out which product's data needs to be inserted or updated in the database, fetches the data from Amazon and inserts / updates it in the database.

All Amazon sites (amazon.com, .ca, .de, .fr, .it, .co.uk, .es, .co.jp and .cn) are supported.

Supported features are:
  • Works with each Amazon country website individually and in combinations
  • Images of all sizes (configurable)
  • If products from different Amazon sites have the same images, they need to be helt in the database just once
  • General product info: title, list price, details page url, offers page url, customer reviews url
  • Offer info: Virtually all info available
  • Product details with transformations so they can be displayed on the webpage (or other application) as is
  • Locale dependent correct price, dimension (length, width and height) and weight transformation and formatting
  • Product features stored to be retrievable in order of appearance
  • Editorial reviews stored to be retrievable in order of appearance
  • Keeps a preset product title if Amazon doesn't provide one (see http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0041UJVI2 for an example product without a title)
  • Reports the number of data inserts / updates per category
  • Works as a cronjob unsupervised every 8 hours in production environment at http://nxthub.com
  • Based on AWS SDK for PHP and CloudFusion

Now I'm curious to know if anybody else would actually like to buy the script, database model (as DDL SQL script) and sample data. If so what would you be ready to pay for it?

The script is not ready as a product yet and before investing the time to properly turn it into a product I'd like to gauge its market potential.

Any answer is appreciated. Thanks a lot.