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    Is being a web developer a sustainable job?

    I live in the Uk, currently doing a web development degree at university, and have been looking towards the future.

    Considering that economies everywhere have been squeezed tight, that all countries are pushing austerity measures which means that everyone (particularly businesses) will have less money to spend - does this mean less people / businesses will be investing in websites / web technologies? are web developers really always going to be need?

    I post this here because im moreso looking for a collection of your (yes you) opinions on this.

    Web Development isnt a public sector economy, its based almost entirely in the private sector, where there are no guarantees and the market rules - so;

    Is the demand there for web developers right now?
    Will the demand be there for the foreseeable future?
    Is the market flooded with too many developers to too little jobs?
    Or are there more jobs than worthwhile candidates for them?
    Will a university degree in Web Development really help in standing out from the crowd?
    Is a Web Developer career well paid enough for someone to support a family on?

    I'd like to know your thoughts (or anyone else's, feel free to quote or paraphase) on those questions / anything else you wish to add.

    Many thanks in advance to all!

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    I don't know about the UK, but in the USA there is thousands of Web Developers who make a good living.

    But you need to know 3 - 4 programming languages really well. If it's website, learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Mysql.

    If it's computer programming C++, Python and Visual Basic are in demand.
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    There is a lot of $$$ to be made as a web developer. You need to devote a lot of time on crafting your skills and finding work. I would start off by going on job boards, and taking on small projects to build up your portfolio. Following that you can begin taking larger projects that will stretch your talents, and once you get comfortable and you have the experience I recommend finding a full-time job as a web developer. Easily find something paying 60,000/yr USD.

    **If you're a web developer who is skilled with PHP, I am seeking a business partner. No finances have to be put up, I am simply looking for someone who would like to create a profitable website together. I have some great, unique ideas. Contact me if you're seriously interested and have the time to work together as a team on a project. You do not have to work full-time on project.**


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