I have an idea for a software product that wouldn't be too difficult to make up and deploy with a small team over a couple of month's work (at least for an initial version with limited functionality). The product is aimed at businesses with regards to customer records, mailing lists, email lists etc...

I have some skills in C#/VB .NET/Delphi/C/C++/Java/Php/Perl/Unix/BASH and am looking for one to two other programmers who might be interested in developing this software with me. I'm not the most highly skilled programmer but I do have a pretty clear idea for the construction of the project (I am still more than open to design / direction changes for the project provided changes make the end product better).

On top of programmers there is probably a need for a web designer and salesman. For the web designer I would see the role as being split between building the website and promoting online as well as any design help you could give the programming team. The salesman would be responsible for getting out to businesses and pushing the product very very hard. They would need some commercial experience selling software or at least some product that would be sold in a similar fashion.

Lastly, venture capitalists are more than welcome to contact me as startup capital is going to be needed to support the team and get the product across the line.

I hope to hear from some people who are looking for a new challenge. I have never taken any project on like this before so it will all be new ground for me and you.

Thanks, Bernie.