BEFORE I start administrators this isnt an ad! This isnt self promotion as I genuinely need some help!

Ive got a great project that Im struggling to get off the ground as I need some expert coding help and advice. Please get in touch if you want to be involved or can offfer any advice...or even if youre just curious and want to know more!

We have a concept stage HTML demo version of our HuBwaY platform. All that works and is great about your PC & Online experience in one place. Below is what Im looking to create:

The HuBwaY platform will open upon initialisation of your desktop. It is your control centre and portal to your unique personalised online universe. Browser, Search Engine, Media Integrator, Social Network and a whole lot more all in one. The ultimate extension of your online self, you will never need to leave your HuBwaY. It will enable you to control, centralise and manage all your chosen mediums of communication in one place both outgoing and incoming. Receive and send Twitter, Facebook, Email, write Blogs, send Texts AND more, all from one central HuB. It makes management and navigation of your internet world simpler, quicker and more seamless without the need to jump from function to function and logging in to various services. It combines this with a tool and method for centralised and more manageable online storage of data and personal files such as documents, music, video and photos.

The HuBwaY is a more useable, effective and functional tool for your private, social and business communications than those that are currently available. You are in total creative control –personalising your HuBwaY to exactly how you want it to look and perform. Navigate and glide through the HuBwaY. HuBCentral is your self-managed personalised home -your doorway out and window into the online world. It will feed you everything you ask it to and provide the platform from which you communicate from just one portal to the rest of the world.

Jump back on the HuBwaY to your next destination, maybe the Search HuBstation? Here you have your own integrated search function that learns, memorises and grows from storing up all the information that passes through it, becoming ultimately self-sufficient and in-tune to your personal preferences. Jump off at CommsHuB and control all of your methods of communication, whether it is Skype, SMS or e-mail. HuBSocial is where you make the magic happen. Create your own HuBStations and categorize your friends and colleagues into subjects, Projects, forums, ShareHuBs or whatever you like. This is where you and your HuBwaY come to life… Your Journey starts here…Although you never leave The HuB…The HuB is all there needs to be… This is merely a small part of The HuBwaY Revolution Please take the 30 seconds you have free today to reply!