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    Best schools for web development?

    I'm considering a new career in web development; that is, I want to program web-based applications. I have a little professional background in web stuff like HTML, CSS and the like, and I have a bachelor's degree in an unrelated field under my belt. I'm thinking about going to grad school for web development. However, I don't know where to start. It doesn't seem like many universities have a degree called "web development" or "web programming," and I'd like to go somewhere top-notch. What are the best U.S. schools for web development?

    You may feel that it's not worth it to go to school for programming, and I can respect that. But I think I may need the structure that a university provides, so if you can suggest some schools I'd appreciate it. Location is not an issue as long as the school is US-based. Thanks very much for this or any other info you can provide.

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    Most universities offer courses in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, which focuses mainly on software engineering. You learn to program, but usually they don't teach anything about web development.

    If you want to go to a college for web development I would suggest you check your local community college and see if they have any courses on it. They usually offer an associates or certificate program in web development.

    However, take my advice will caution, as I am scoping colleges myself for after I graduate.

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    I haven't encountered any programs strictly for Web Design that encompass both the programming aspect and the graphics aspect - I suppose because typically those require two different types of personalities.

    If you want to focus on the coding aspect, go Computer Science or Software Engineering (they're practically synonymous). Computer Engineering deals more with the electrical components, logical/data paths, etc. than it does with coding.

    If you want to focus on the design/template aspect, go with Digital Design programs. Typically they focus on the layout and graphics as they apply to websites. Generally speaking this is an art major.

    So, like I said, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to go work for a Google, Apple, or Microsoft some day doing coding or web applets then Computer Science is your best bet. If you want to work as a web template designer the go Digital Design.

    As I'm more coding oriented I went Computer Science. The material covered doesn't directly apply to web design but the methods and algorithms you learn are, in my opinion at least, important. You cover efficiency, storage, security, all things that are important in cloud computing as well as they are desktop level.
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    There are lots of colleges and universities which offer IT education to students. Here are some web-school portal sites with short descriptions of colleges in the US.


    Hope you find one from there.
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