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    Question What IDE was used for coding an app like Instagram?

    I'm just curious, what IDE's were used to code apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc?

    Was it the obvious Xcode or something else?

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    My flow below is based on the assumption you are not a coder.

    Step 1. Decide if the functionality, UI and UX of your app will be 100% the same or if it will be different from Snap Chat's (SC).

    Step 2. Once question one has been answered, map out a feature road map. You can start by asking yourself do you want 100% of the features SC has in their app from day one of your product launch or do you want to role out the critical features first and then add the other ones.

    Step 3. Based on you answer to Step 2, your project can go in any number of directions.

    - Buy a clone : plenty of clone's available. Quality of these clones 99% of the time is highly questionable. Any case once the clone is bought move on to re-skinning, setting up the back end, app store submission and so on.

    - Build it from scratch : need a designer, a mobile coder and back-end coder (you could find an "all in one"

    FYI if money is tight and this is your first foray into the world of product dev then a clone might not be a bad way to go. You can use it to test out your theories and possibly recruit partners to help you build the real thing.


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