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    Mobile Site: Best Practices for parsing XML and writing nested menus

    Hey all.. Looking for some advice. I'm building a mobile site primarily for webkit browsers (iPhone/Android). I have an XML file (about 270k) with about 20 items. Each item has about 5 or 6 child items and each one of those has about 10 children. I'm building a site with jQuery Mobile. I load the initial 20 items into a listview and can't decide whats the best to do:

    Should I:

    A) loop through each the 20 parent items and build out all the UL LI nested lists in one shot and let Jquery Mobile handle the paging and all.


    B) Add an onclick action to each of the 20 parent items and onclick parse that particular items children in XML (xml in a global variable to be reused) and build that section on the fly as separate div (page) and animate to it?

    I can't decide which is better but i'd assume "B". Any feedback is appreciated.


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