Okay, here goes. I know how to upload files to a database. (Prefer not to, but client wants it.)

I have in excess of 100 index files (delimited dat files containing information to be input into SQL Server table - this is the easy part - apx 340,000 records when all is said and done), however, each of these items are tied to an individiual text file that also needs to be inserted into the database along with the information from the index file. Again, easy enough to grab the path to the individual files. Now, my question, is there a way to get this uploaded automatically, with code, without going through a <Form> type page where you would have to upload each file individually by iputting the path or browsing to it?

I have tried grabbing the file with FileSystemObject - GetFile, but it only seems to insert the file name (including path) into the SQL table field.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.