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    Unhappy Invoke a Visual Basic Sub vs a Function in ASP

    Set dbObject = Server.CreateObject("aCls.oEntry")
    call dbObject.pInfo(frmID, vErrTxt, rsInfo) <== line 22

    I got the following error at line 22
    Error Type:
    aCls (0x800A01A8)
    Object required

    I thought may be dbObject was not set correctly so I tried:
    Set dbObject = Server.CreateObject("aCls.oEntry")
    Set rsTypes = dbObject.getTypes(vErrTxt) <== worked fine
    call dbObject.pInfo(frmID, vErrTxt, rsInfo) <== still error

    The only difference between getTypes and pInfo is getTypes is a public function while pInfo is a public sub.

    I wrote all of the codes, including the aCls class.

    Does any one know how to invoke a Visual Basic Sub vs a Function in ASP?

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    Double-posting is not allowed here. In the future, just reply to your original thread if you want to bump it up.

    To answer your question...

    The error might be inside the pInfo() method of the component. One of the parameters might not be correctly set (I assume it's the rsInfo which obviously is a recordset object) and it's calling one of its methods when it is set to Nothing.


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