If I go to my 'test' site here: Login Page and deliberately enter false log-on credentials, I get an 'Invalid password' error, which is fine.

Yet, if I then close my browser and then go back to the same site, I can still see the same error message. It seems that this may be an ASP error. This is the ASP I have behind that page:


sPageHead = "Login Page"

Session( "final" ) = -1

<form id="loginForm" method="post" action="submit1.asp">

Form attributes

Close log-in

<% If Session( "loginFailure" ) = True Then %>

<p>Click <a href="password1.asp">here</a> to request your password</p>
             <% End If %>
Is there anything here, please, that might be causing the error not to disappear when I revisit the site?