Hello one and all,

I need to be able to order the results from one data pull by the results from a second:

sql = "SELECT * FROM Players WHERE PL_Box_ID ="&BX_DB("BX_ID")
set PL_DB = doquerySQL(sql)
sql = "SELECT * FROM Scores WHERE SC_Box_ID ="&BX_DB("BX_ID")&" ORDER BY SC_Sets_Score, SC_Games_Score"
set SC_DB = doquerySQL(sql)

You have player information in the Players table and score results stored in the Scores table. I want to list the players in order of their current results total (Sets_Score and Games_Score) that is stored in the Scores table.

Originally I had the running totals in the Players table but that would not allow me to store historical data over a number of seasons so I moved them into their own table. Creating updating and storing the points works fine. Its just displaying the players in the right order that I can't achieve.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.