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    ASP hosting query


    I am looking for an ASP hosting site that is not too expensive. Most of the services offered seem to emphasise asp.net, but I have come across this one:


    which seems OK.

    The site I have in mind to upload is a basic one and uses a fairly simple asp email form (not asp.net) and may, later, incorporate an asp log-in script (MS Access database).

    I know I need IIS6 for the form which this site seems to offer.

    At a rough glance, does this site seem to offer what I need (no worries, I am not going to hold anyone liable for what I need!). I haven't enquired about their costs yet, but I wondered if there is anything in particular that I might need to ask the hosting service before I engage them.



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    I can only tell you that I use GoDaddy.com to host 13 different URLs all on a single account for $7 or so per month. And, yes, most of those are classic ASP-based sites (because they have been around so long <grin/>). At the same time, one of them is ASP.NET based and one is WordPress (PHP). Yes, all on the same account. All for $7 per month, paid annually.

    But, yes, that host that you showed looks like about the same deal. Maybe even a bit better.

    Note that they offer IIS 7. That's a better choice than IIS 6 if you are going to host multiple domains.

    Also, you might want to consider using MySQL instead of Access for your database. Both are free, but MySQL is a better choice for 64-bit operating systems and is a lot more robust, if you end up doing more database work than you think you will at this time.
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