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    Dynamic hidden fields based from form textbox value

    I am attempting to combine several pages I am currently developing into a single page however i am having a little bit more difficulty then I thought I would. I am not sure if the below is even possible using ASP however the information others have given me suggest it is.

    Upon loading the page users select a country that selection is posted to the next page and some details are automatically entered in an form however I need to hide/show several different html tables and form objects however I am at a loss as to how to complete this. Could someone please provide a quick example of the logic required for this? I am sure it is quite an easy thing to do however I am struggling with this I completed a similar task using JavaScript however I could only manage to hide a single object at a time and it worked intermittently.

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    Just WAY too general a question. Would need some specific details.

    As to your problems with JavaScript, only being able to hide a single object at a time--well, I'm afraid that just shows your lack of experience with JavaScript. There's no reason you couldn't have dozens of hundreds of objects on one page and show any number of them, from one to all.

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    deleting moving to other section
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