I have an Access DB with a field for 'Name' and one for 'fEmail'.

I'm trying to get it to write one email and send to multiple recipients. I can't see the error! There are 3 entries in the DB. Instead of one email going to ea of the email addy's i get 2 of the same emails to one addr:
set rsRecords = dbaseConn.execute("select * from tblMail")

vSubject = request.form("fSubject")
vBody = request.form("fBody")
Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")

Do while not rsRecords.EOF
varEM = rsRecords("fEmail")
varNm = rsRecords("Name")
Mail.AddRecipient varNm,varEM

Mail.FromAddress= "admin@removed.net"
Mail.RemoteHost = "mrelay.perfora.net"
Mail.Subject = vSubject
Mail.BodyText = vBody

The email goes to addr #2(Robin2), 2 times.
The 'To' line in the email:
"robin" <rdlax@url1.com>, "Robin2" <robin@url2.com>, "Robin3" <admin@url3.com>
I changed the email addy's for this posting, but can confirm the actual addy's in the 'to' line are valid.