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    Transfering data from one database to another

    Hi all,
    In an ASP-page I would like to transfer content of table in a database to another table in another database.

    I don't want to make use of opening RecordSets, because the amount of data is very large and this would take too much time.

    So, is there another way?

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    If you are using SQL Server 2000 or 2005 (I don't know about earlier versions) as one of your databases then you can create a linked server. Just look up the T-SQL help for the sp_addlinkedserver stored procedure for details.

    I have successfully used this to copy data from an Access database to a SQL Server database with a single insert... select from statement. This also had the benefit of using T-SQL to access an Access database rather than having to use SQL-92 or whatever standard Access databases use.


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