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    how to find maximum of a string


    I have in Table some values like

    s1-10-1 s1-13
    s1-10-2 s1-13
    s1-10-13 s1-13

    how to find the max of this value using asp.net.

    I used query as select max(right(questid,2)) FROM [EMPFED].[dbo].[QUESTION] where subid='S1-13'

    it displays as 10 its correct. but if table is

    s1-10-1 s1-13
    s1-10-2 s1-13

    and then I use same as above query like select max(right(questid,2)) FROM [EMPFED].[dbo].[QUESTION] where subid='S1-13'

    it displays -2

    how to solve this. in asp.net .

    Please help me

    this is urgent

    thank you all


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    this is worded fairly confusing. Can you explain your table more? Are those varchar fields? is questId varchar and have those values of 's1-10-1' etc? I am assuming by your query that subId is varchar and equals 's1-13'

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