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    Difference between Namespace and Assembly?

    I know it is very general question in ASP.net but I am very confuse when I read this in theoretically in book but I am not much better idea how to implements this feature in real web application.
    Please help me and give better understandably description and practical knowledge what is main use and can I make my personal Namespace if yes then How? if you have best resource for better understand then please also share link.

    Nolan Brick
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    Think of it like a book

    an assembly is a reference... think of it as a bibliography
    a namespace is like "the book"
    classes are the pages
    code is the text on the pages (however in this book the pages endlessly scroll, or you could change it and the classes are chapters and then the pages between chapters are code)

    using System.IO;  // this is an assembly reference
    namespace myProject1{
        class exampleClass1{
          //TODO: add code
        class exampleClass2{
        //TODO: add code
    Now the first project can be compiled to an assembly and referenced somewhere else...
    using System.IO;
    using myProject1;
    namespace myProject2{
    /// and so on

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