Consider I have two csv files as below:



Notice that the order of the coulmns in both the files is different

Now, I am looking for a code that will compare these files (Even when the column order is not exact) column to column and give me results of those rows which are not matching in both the files


File1 Records:

1, 'a', 23, 1000
2, 'b', 24, 2000
3, 'c', 25, 3000

File2 Records:
1, 'a', 23, 1000
2, 'b', 55, 2000
3, 'c', 25, 3000

Note that the second record is different, and therefore that record should be in our result after comparing these two csv files.

Also, the important point is these csv files are comma seperated and can be hugh like in GBs therefore looping through them is not the solution i am looking for.

Please suggest. Need help.