Hi All Experts,

I have Following Paragraph in DB.

Take a deep pan, put plain flour and 4 tablespoon ghee in it and beat well with the help of whisk.<br /> Soak angoori or samnak in 1 cup water for 15 minutes.<br /> Now add angoori, stir lightly allow it to mix properly.<br /> Add yogurt, mix well, till smooth mixture will be formed.<br /> Then add water in it and cook the mixture over low heat for half an hour.<br /> Keep stirring slowly, otherwise lumps may form.<br /> Now boil it then add sugar, cook for few minutes then remove from stove and drain.<br /> After half an hour cook again on high flame.<br /> When mixture turn into thick form then cook on low heat with continue adding 1 tablespoon ghee and stirring for 25 minutes or till the mixture gets separated.<br /> When mixture turn into light brown then remove from stove and add gram flour and cream tatri.<br /> Spread it in a dish evenly, garnish with pistachio, almonds and nuts.<br /> Let it cool and then serve.

Secondly i have Listed Control Tag
<td colspan="3">
          <li id="Method" runat="server"> </li>

When i bound this on Server Side using "Method.InnerHtml" Method i am not able to See Listing Pragraph in Numbers after every <br />. Can any one Solve this Problem. Waiting for Positive Reply.

Thanks in Advance.