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    How do I force a refered page to Postback?


    I have method on a page, lets call it "History.aspx.cs"

    After this method runs and changes some parameters, it
    needs to refer back to itself:

    Response.Redirect("History.aspx", false);

    Problem is, The page always shows the same information as before the
    method fired. After receiving the redirect to itself, it thinks that it is "PostBack" and doesn't refresh the page with the changes. Is there a way I can change
    the Response.Redirect("History.aspx", false); to make do a page load ?

    Thank You in advance for your help,


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    what are you trying to do? the false makes the page you are on stop loading- so if you are calling yourself but not loading or referencing something that you needed to load then you are terminating early- plus if you are calling yourself and you never finished loading (in this case seems to be) then you have to post back because you never finished posting... cannot help with the vagueness of code though- no clue what end you are trying to get to

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