I'm currently developing an application for a surgery and need to be able to display data from a database.

I'd like to display 4 sets of comments per page.

The script below is currently pulling out the existing data.

Dim ID, Current_Date, Question1, Question2, Question3, Question4, Question5, Question6, Question7, Question8, Question9, Admin_ReplyA, Admin_ReplyB
Dim ix

Dim adoCon, adoRec, adoRlt, dbname, adoConnectionString
Dim dbRecordCount

dbname = Server.MapPath("Shantir.mdb")
adoConnectionString = "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" &_
"DBQ=" & dbname & ";DefaultDir=;"

Set adoCon = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Set adoRec = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

adoCon.Open adoConnectionString

adoRec.CursorLocation = adUseClient
adoRec.Open "Comments", adoCon, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdTable
adoRec.Sort = "Current_Date DESC"

dbRecordCount = adoRec.RecordCount
For ix = 1 To dbRecordCount

Response.Write("<table width=""900"" align=""center""><tr class=""explanation""><td><div align=""justify""><strong>Date Comment Posted: " & adoRec.Fields("Current_Date") & "</strong></div></td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>Did you feel that the practice provided a good service?</strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Question1") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>What other services would you like the surgery to provide?</strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Question2") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>I am able to get through to the practice via the telephone?</strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Question3") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>I am able to get through to the practice when I want to make an appointment?</strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Question4") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>I am treated with the dignity and the respect of the staff?</strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Question5") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>The GP involves me in decision about my care and treatment?</strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Question6") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>The practice provides accurate and up to date information on services and opening hours? </strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Question7") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>What could be improved in the manner, in which you are treated by your doctor/nurse?</strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Question8") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>Additional comments:</strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Question9") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><strong>Practice Managers Comments: </strong> " & adoRec.Fields("Admin_ReplyA") & " " & adoRec.Fields("Admin_ReplyB") & "</td></tr><tr class=""explanation""><td><hr/></td></tr></table>")



Set adoRec = Nothing
Set adoCon = Nothing