I have a website, in which I have used form authentication with persistant cookie for login. I login through ASPX page, redirect to classic ASP page and create asp sessions, then redirect to home page, which contains classic ASP page with FRAME that also loads classic ASP page, Now the situation is very rare but very much frustrating, only occurs in IE. Firefox and Chrome works fine. After successful login the Home page which is in ASP loads but when it load the ASP page in the frame, it displays as there is no session and kicks back to aspx login page. This situation is rare but frustrating in the sense that once it starts then its impossible to login through the same window, the workaround that sometimes help but not always is to reset IE settings in Advance Tab in internet options and clear all cookies and cache and start a new session from File>New Session and it logins but not always. This situation is reported by clients very often now as the new versions of IE has released. Clearing cookies and cache often fix problem but not for all.

Also one important thing, I cannot change anything in current login setup and my second important question is, since I am using frame on home page, I have read on forums that form authentication created problem in frame because IE reject cookeis in frames but why not aleays for me and second important question my home page use both classic ASP pages, what they have to do with cookies, I am confirmed that ASP seesions are created right so there is not point of kicking back bue to sessions not created.

Please help me I am very much upset.