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    How does my version of Visual Studio look like this?

    Why does my Visual Studio version look nothing like this picture?


    My version does not have a toolbox on the left hand side or the visual display on top. I would like these things so I can easily drag and drop controls like buttons, labels etc but at the minute I am having to do everything by code. This kind of takes the whole aspect of visual away from the software. How do I make my version of visual studio look like the pic? I have tried view> toolbars > ... but none of the right screens come up. I am using Visual Studio Express

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    Hey NKeuxmuis,

    It should all be there under View. For example, to bring up the control toolbox, whose controls you can drag and drop, go to View->ToolBox. Likewise, there are shortcut buttons through which you can open all these windows. They should be located around the top-right corner, and I can even see them in the very image you attached (including that pesky ToolBox)

    Don't resort to generating controls programmatically by yourself, lol. Just browse around and get a little bit more familiar with the environment, that's all. It's all there. :-)



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