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    Best .NET Dev Tools

    I have been doing .net development since the beginning. I am very satisfied with it at this point, and I am beginning a new project in ASP.NET 2008. Before I start and dig into the same tools and components I have used before I thought I'd ask what tools you all use and like the most for various things like:
    • source code control
    • grids
    • dashboards
    • GUI
    • code quality management
    • reporting
    • ad-hoc reporting
    • olap/data analysis

    Of course, all other tools you would recommend are welcome.
    I appreciate all of your input...
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    I don't have a budget to play with so I make do with Visual Web Developer 2008 Express and SQL Server 2008 Express with Management Studio.

    Tape backups, a team of 2 that actually talk to each other, personal development computers and a system test web server provide source code control and code quality management.

    We are using ASP.NET 3.5 and we are finding the new ListView works reasonably well for displaying and editing grids. So we don't need to consider if a Repeater, DataList or GridView is best for any particular use.

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    Some of my fellow ASP.NET developers use TortoiseSVN for their version control needs. They are a .NET development firm.

    I've liked Subversion for version control, but might give TortoiseSVN or Git a try too.

    While I have tried 3rd party controls, with the power of AJAX and such, I haven't had to use any of them for any client projects yet. One control we found very useful was I-Load. Especially handy for clients that want to upload and crop images when I had to build a custom admin backend for the client.

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    Source Safe
    Infragistics (they have a ton of GUI components) - basic grid views and repeaters
    Sharepoint (create user controls)...
    Crystal reports - sql server reporting services

    Infragistics is pretty cool once you get the hang of things. Can make for some easy AJAX'y type apps. Sql Server reporting services really takes away the need for crystal reports in my opinion.


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