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    ASP.Net project not opening - file path does not correspond to the url localhost

    I have an ASP.Net web project I've copied from a co-worker's machine and I can't open it. The message I see is as follows:

    The default Web access mode for this project is set to file share, but the project folder at ‘http://localhost’ cannot be opened with the path ‘D:\Workarea2\Development\Web’. The error retured was:
    Unable to open Web project ‘/’. The file path ‘D:\Workarea2\Development\Web’ does not correspond to the URL ‘http://localhost’. The two need to map to the same server location. HTTP Error 404: Not Found.

    In IIS, I have stopped my default web site and created a new website mapped to port 80. The web pages the ASP.Net project concerns are all in this directory. The physical directory for this website is D:\Workarea2\Development\Web. I can browse the web site without any problems from IIS.

    So in other words, I have a web site set up correctly in IIS, but I can't open the ASP.Net project associated with the site! This same ASP.Net project opens fine on my co-worker's machine, and I have made the web site I set up under port 80 on my server an exact match to the web site he set up on his machine. Can anyone shed any light on this puzzling behaviour?

    The solution file I'm opening is this:

    Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 7.00
    Project("{F184B08F-C81C-45F6-A57F-5ABD9991F28F}") = "localhost", "http://localhost/localhost.vbproj", "{FA46AF40-8685-4105-813A-AF3D3CBEF408}"
    GlobalSection(SolutionConfiguration) = preSolution
    ConfigName.0 = Debug
    ConfigName.1 = PatchRelease
    ConfigName.2 = Release
    GlobalSection(ProjectDependencies) = postSolution
    GlobalSection(ProjectConfiguration) = postSolution
    {FA46AF40-8685-4105-813A-AF3D3CBEF408}.Debug.ActiveCfg = Debug|.NET
    {FA46AF40-8685-4105-813A-AF3D3CBEF408}.Debug.Build.0 = Debug|.NET
    {FA46AF40-8685-4105-813A-AF3D3CBEF408}.PatchRelease.ActiveCfg = Release|.NET
    {FA46AF40-8685-4105-813A-AF3D3CBEF408}.PatchRelease.Build.0 = Release|.NET
    {FA46AF40-8685-4105-813A-AF3D3CBEF408}.Release.ActiveCfg = Release|.NET
    {FA46AF40-8685-4105-813A-AF3D3CBEF408}.Release.Build.0 = Release|.NET
    {089E24D9-3337-4F9F-8A5D-5DF771685863}.Debug.ActiveCfg = Debug
    {089E24D9-3337-4F9F-8A5D-5DF771685863}.PatchRelease.ActiveCfg = Release
    {089E24D9-3337-4F9F-8A5D-5DF771685863}.Release.ActiveCfg = Release
    {089E24D9-3337-4F9F-8A5D-5DF771685863}.Release.Build.0 = Release
    {F13F0E5E-9574-474E-BB9C-BAC07B4F06CA}.Debug.ActiveCfg = Debug
    {F13F0E5E-9574-474E-BB9C-BAC07B4F06CA}.PatchRelease.ActiveCfg = Release
    {F13F0E5E-9574-474E-BB9C-BAC07B4F06CA}.PatchRelease.Build.0 = Release
    {F13F0E5E-9574-474E-BB9C-BAC07B4F06CA}.Release.ActiveCfg = Release
    GlobalSection(SolutionItems) = postSolution
    GlobalSection(ExtensibilityGlobals) = postSolution
    GlobalSection(ExtensibilityAddIns) = postSolution

    The localhost.vbproj file is as follows:
    ProjectType = "Web"
    ProductVersion = "7.0.9466"
    SchemaVersion = "1.0"
    ProjectGuid = "{FA46AF40-8685-4105-813A-AF3D3CBEF408}"
    ApplicationIcon = ""
    AssemblyKeyContainerName = ""
    AssemblyName = "localhost"
    AssemblyOriginatorKeyFile = ""
    AssemblyOriginatorKeyMode = "None"
    DefaultClientScript = "JScript"
    DefaultHTMLPageLayout = "Flow"
    DefaultTargetSchema = "IE32Nav30"
    DelaySign = "false"
    OutputType = "Library"
    OptionCompare = "Binary"
    OptionExplicit = "On"
    OptionStrict = "Off"
    RootNamespace = "localhost"
    StartupObject = ""
    Name = "Debug"
    BaseAddress = "285212672"
    ConfigurationOverrideFile = ""
    DefineConstants = ""
    DefineDebug = "true"
    DefineTrace = "true"
    DebugSymbols = "true"
    IncrementalBuild = "true"
    Optimize = "false"
    OutputPath = "bin\"
    RegisterForComInterop = "false"
    RemoveIntegerChecks = "false"
    TreatWarningsAsErrors = "false"
    WarningLevel = "1"
    Name = "Release"
    BaseAddress = "285212672"
    ConfigurationOverrideFile = ""
    DefineConstants = ""
    DefineDebug = "false"
    DefineTrace = "true"
    DebugSymbols = "false"
    IncrementalBuild = "false"
    Optimize = "true"
    OutputPath = "bin\"
    RegisterForComInterop = "false"
    RemoveIntegerChecks = "false"
    TreatWarningsAsErrors = "false"
    WarningLevel = "1"
    Name = "System"
    AssemblyName = "System"
    HintPath = "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\System.dll"
    Name = "System.Web"
    AssemblyName = "System.Web"
    HintPath = "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\System.Web.dll"
    <Import Namespace = "Microsoft.VisualBasic" />
    <Import Namespace = "System" />
    RelPath = "cluster.asp"
    BuildAction = "Content"
    <!-- etc - list of files -->

    Grateful if anyone could shed any light on this. I can't see for the life of me why it's not correct.

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    So while in MS Visual Studio if you click on Open Web Site, then click on Local IIS, then navigate to the location of the web site. It will not open up as a project? If thats the case you may need to delete the .sln file for the project. But you may want to make a backup of that file before you delete it.

    I have never had any problems opening up sites on Local IIS or Remote Site.
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    When you access the site through localhost the app comes up? e.g
    Works? But you can't open it with visual studio? If so, you'll need to make sure you have the proper .webinfo file:
    Example i'll take from a project on my machine:
    filename: yourProjectName.vbproj.webinfo
    file contents:
        <Web URLPath = "http://localhost/yourProjectName/yourProjectName.vbproj" />
    Good luck;

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    If none of these options works, you might consider trying to remove the reflected schemas cache. When I have bizarre errors in VS.Net and can't solve them with other means, flushing this sometimes helps. You can find more info at http://joeon.net/post/MS-AJAX-Releas...n-element.aspx.

    Hope that helps! It may not do anything for you, but it shouldn't hurt, either.
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