View Full Version : Image Solution, Multiple Images, Resize, Create HTML from it...

11-02-2006, 05:01 PM
Can someone please read what I want to do and suggest a solution? I recently switched my entire website into Joomla. Took all of two days to have a much better website than the static piece of junk I made. Now, I really need a satisfactory image solution.

I will be uploading a LOT of images every day to my server. I need a program that will allow me to upload an entire file of jpg or other formats without restriction of size or amount of photos. That program should save the original file size on the server and provide me thumbnails which open up new windows to those large files for supersize and also a resize that allows for a blow up of say 640 X 480 for those with dial up. And of course the thumbnail. I want to be able to basically start an upload and then go somewhere on the site to get a file called thumbs in that specific file. Thumbs is a table of thumbnail photos that when clicked open to 640 X 480 and below that is some verbage stating click here to supersize to the original file size. I need to get the basic HTML of this basic gallery so I can drop it into my existing website and eBay auctions. I need absolute URL's for the photos, thumbnails and the 640 X 480 photos and I need the photos to open up New windows.

Is there such a bookshelf piece of software that exists to handle this for me? I do not need these images being stored in the database, I don't need them indexed, but it would be very nice obviously, so any thoughts on that too would be great.

I really would appreciate any help or advice someone could give. Thank you.