View Full Version : Complex Table Scrolling - Scrolling Though X Columns with 2 Remaining The Same

10-27-2006, 10:09 PM
Right now I have a table that is 5 columns long. The first 3 columns are related information and will grow to 4 and 5 columns in the future. The last 2 columns are general information and help link. I want 5 columns visible at all times however the first 3 will need to change.

I want to be able to put a scroll bar in that display only 3 columns of X columns and leave the last 2 columns the same.

I think this is a table within a table which scrolls only the inner table but I do not know how to code it correctly.

Ideally this scroll bar would a horizontal scroll bar above the first 3 columns that would scroll by columns of a specific width and not half of a column and so on...


<?austin ?>
10-28-2006, 02:43 AM
i think that you should use CSS divs. but if you insist on using tables (a nasty habit) then use this:


/* change X's to the values you want */
#scroll {
width: X;
height: X;
overflow: auto;

<div id="scroll"><!-- content goes here! --></div>

10-30-2006, 10:53 PM
what would a CSS div be for the scroll?