View Full Version : FF NN & IE7 work; What's wrong with IE6?

10-25-2006, 10:24 PM
I'm trying to get myself up to speed on standards and have completely reworked my meager website to try to utilize CSS. My site renders correctly in browsers like Netscape, Firefox, and even IE7 (did they get something right for once?). But since most users are still using IE6, that's my main concern..... Because that's the one browser that seems to blow up my site. Does anyone have any suggestions?

www.GoMylo.com/newsite/index.htm (http://www.GoMylo.com/newsite/index.htm)
www.GoMylo.com/newsite/style.css (http://www.GoMylo.com/newsite/style.css)

10-25-2006, 11:04 PM
Move your content div before your rightside div. Give a width of 158px to both your left and right side divs. Make your content 371px wide, float it left. Get rid of the left and right margins on the content div as well. Then just before you close your wrapper div add this

<div class="clear">&nbsp;</div>
and add this to your CSS

.clear {

10-26-2006, 02:15 AM
Ive become a fan of using horzontal rules for this. Since what your doing is just applying a sort of meaningless element to just clear floats, using a div is sort of overkill. At least thats how I see it.

anyways either will work but with a little less CSS and HTML you can use:

<hr class="clear">

or the XHTML

<hr class="clear" />

and the css of

hr.clear {
clear: both;
visibility: hidden;

IE6 (dont about 7) does give it a little spacing either the float or the hr itsself but it's some 6 pixels or so.