View Full Version : Problem with moving drop down menu

10-25-2006, 09:52 AM
I added to my site a drop down menu which is done with js it works fine but in firefox the bar changes its place from the middle to left side on page when you change the size of the browser window. in Dreamweaver the js code picture is in
the left side of page i tried to put the code in div tags and after that inside to frame but it didnt help. Here is position of the drop down menu:

var menuALIGN = "center"; // alignment mode
var absLEFT = 108; // absolute left or right position (if menu is left or right aligned)
var absTOP = 5; // absolute top position

var staticMENU = false; // static positioning mode (win/ie5,ie6 and ns4 only)

var stretchMENU = false; // show empty cells
var showBORDERS = false; // show empty cell borders
when i changed the menuAlign to right and changed the windows size in firefox the menu bar was in right side of window. i tried also change the value to left but didnt work. Any ideas?